Sep 102010

Our highly skilled work crew after erecting a Douglas Fir Timber FrameTwenty one years ago in September of 1989, my wife, Nan, and I and a small crew proudly raised our first timber frame. It was a very straight forward frame‚ a story and a half with dormers– crafted from local Eastern white pine. Thus was launched Amstutz Woodworking.

That frame (and the timber frame addition circa 1999, which boosted the house to a modestly sized 3 bedroom of 1800 square feet) has been home to Nan and I and our daughter, Annika, for 2 decades. My enduring pride in this home comes from how it has sheltered and nurtured our family and friends: it has been a great place to live in! This house is not new anymore, for it carries a patina of scrapes and dings from the tests of time, but every system, component, and material we used has performed with excellence.

Hundreds of clients have passed through this house, and I would like to believe many decided to hire Amstutz Woodworking because of the sense of hand crafted ‘home’ they felt here. After all, a quality timber frame is a lovely structure to live in! And without all of our clients, those of us at Amstutz Woodworking would not be able to practice our craft and profession. Continue reading »