Feb 272013

ausable-valley-finished-timber-frameGregory Pedick owns the Ausable Valley timber frame home in our gallery. He recently published an article  about his career in residential energy design, his own house and Amstutz Woodworking:

Retrofitting older homes and buildings with energy-efficient systems is as much his profession as it is his mission… “Building new energy-efficient homes is very important but it won’t solve our energy problems,” Pedrick says. “There are a lot more existing  residential buildings hat rely on outmoded, over-sized heating and cooling systems and would benefit from system upgrades and improved insulation.”

Read the full article here.
View the house in our timber frame gallery.

Feb 212013

Timber framing has a strong tradition in the Himalayan region of Asia. In October my wife, Nan, and I ventured to the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan.

The most striking examples of timber framing are found in the Buddhist monasteries (photo 5995).

The Bhuanese also developed an elaborate system of timber framed cantilever bridges.  (other 2 photos).  This specific bridge was rebuilt about 10 years ago as a joint Bhutan and Swiss project.

More later……