Oct 222013

Last spring I was approached by some clients who wanted a timber framed barn attached to a new house they were building.  Fact is, this “barn” was mostly going to function as a 2 vehicle garage, but the clients had built new home with very traditional colonial detailing, both inside and out.  And, they wanted this garage to be attached to the house in the manner in which New England barns are frequently attached.

The result was this 24’ x 36’ story and a half timber frame project, with a second floor, and a gable end hay mow door with a run out ridge beam so equipment could be raised to the second floor via a rope and pulley system.  We crafted the structure out of rough sawn, local Eastern White Pine, and used very traditional joinery, including under squinted, wedged scarf joints.

The structure has a strong resemblance to historic New England timber frame barns, but meets the more modern needs of the clients, such as sheltering their vehicles.