Timber Frame Architecture


The timber frame structures we build are crafted with large timber posts, beams, joists, rafters and knee braces. The two terms “timber framing” and “post & beam” are often used synonymously, though there are some generally agreed-upon distinctions between them. The use of wooden joinery, such as the mortise and tenon joint, to make connections between large timbers in a structure is a defining element of timber framing.

We at Amstutz Woodworking take pride in the fact that our timber frames are well-engineered, free standing, joined wooden structures. By comparison, post & beam structures utilize mechanical hardware such as spikes, steel plates and bolts, and specialized metal fasteners to connect timbers. In our frames, we use only concealed steel connectors where specific engineering requirements dictate. Though the pros and cons of both systems can be debated, ultimately a client’s choice of large timber structures is due to a personal and aesthetic preference.

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