Adirondack Boathouse


Adirondack Timber Frame Boathouse Second Level Interior

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All Douglass Fir timbers are fully exposed on the interior.

With 6 valleys and 10 hips, this 2 story timber framed boathouse features a cozy, shaped upper level that is exquisitely detailed in the Adirondack style. The roof system is cross gabled, with triangular Dutch Gables to the east and west. The richly detailed Douglas Fir Timber Frame is totally visible from within. The boathouse is testimony to the versatility and strength of Timber Framing: the large spans required to support the floor system, the exterior decks, and the roof system are carried by well engineered Timber Framed wall trusses. that have a strong resemblance to the historic Covered Bridges of New England. (These trusses are also the structural components of the second floor exterior walls.) Built to compliment a historic Camp in the Adirondacks that is only accessible by boat, the lower level has 4 boat slips.

Architect: Andrew Chary, Lake Placid, NY
Builder: RP Ledger Construction, Lake Placid, NY
Timber Framer: Amstutz Woodworking LLC, Upper Jay, NY
Photography: Andrew Chary Architects and Steve Amstutz

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