Ausable Valley House


Ausable Valley Timber Frame Home

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Exterior view of Timber Frame home, situated in a south facing meadow.

Built in the Ausable Valley of the Adirondacks and modest in size at 1600 square feet, this energy efficient house was designed in collaboration with the homeowner, an engineer with strong ties to the residential construction trades who promotes sustainability and the concept that “less is more”. The white pine Timber Frame is fully wrapped in Structural Insulated Panels, which have a high R Value and and are also extremely air tight. The home features a high efficiency propane boiler system for the in-floor heat and domestic hot water, a heat recovery ventilator system, and high efficiency triple glazed casement windows on the North side. A wood stove utilizes locally harvested fire wood and reduces the consumption of petroleum based heating fuel. The open layout of the interior also promotes effective use of daylight, good air circulation, and for an inviting atmosphere. This reverse saltbox design is nicely nestled into the open south facing hillside: the Timber Frame is a story and half with a gabled dormer on the south, while to the northern backside the Timber Frame is a full two story height.
Architect: Springpoint Design, East Alstead, NH
Builder: Jim Amerault, Upper Jay, NY and Homeowner
Timber Framer: Amstutz Woodworking LLC, Upper Jay, NY
Photography: Steve Amstutz

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