Japanese Inspired Boathouse


Japanese Boathouse Timber Frame Construction

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A Barge and mobile crane were utilized to deliver timbers to the site and erect the Timber Frame.

Inspired by the graceful and swooping Japanese Temple roofs, this boathouse is richly detailed with sweeping roof curves, a cupola, copper shingles, and fine applique exterior woodwork on the walls. †The Timber Frame is crafted from high quality Douglas Fir, and the engineered Timber Framed trusses create a beautiful open and clear spanned interior. The hip roofed cupola brings natural light into the interior of the building. With 2 slips for boats, there is also an open porch that seems to flow slightly elevated above the lake’s water level.

Architect: Andrew Chary, Lake Placid, NY
Builder: Cascade Builders, Saranac Lake, NY
Timber Framer: Amstutz Woodworking LLC, Upper Jay, NY
Photography: †Andrew Chary Architects and Steve Amstutz

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