There are many factors that affect the cost of a timber frame itself. These include the species of wood used, the complexity of the frame, and the degree of finish and embellishment on the frame. We have worked in pine, douglas fir, oak, spruce, and tamarack. In recent years we have built a number of timber frames from recycled material that is 80-120 years old, most of which is douglas fir and southern pine that has been salvaged from industrial buildings and then re-sawn into new dimensions.

We have built very modest barns and outbuildings; we have also built structures that have extremely complicated roof lines of hips and valleys that require exacting and labor intensive compound joinery. We have produced rough-sawn frames and frames that are planed and oiled and have curved knee braces, bandsawn rafters and purlin details as well as other embellishments.

Though we do not quote prices based on square footage, if we have a basic design, chosen species of wood, and decisions about the degree of finish and embellishment, we can prepare an estimate. If the proposal is received enthusiastically, we can then proceed to the design phase. Once we have a comprehensive set of plans, we can refine the price for the timber frame and the enclosure system.

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